1.       Admittance to Tartan’s Landing Marina is restricted to owners/renters and guests.  Slip owners/renters are responsible for guest’s compliance with Marina rules.  Owners/renters are responsible for damages they may cause to any/all Marina property.


2.       Swimming in the Marina is not allowed.  All non-swimmers and children should wear Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices (PFDs) per State and Federal regulations.


3.       No running on docks, walkways or ramps.


4.       No loud noises between 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM.


5.       No trailer parking allowed for more than three days.  Violators will be towed at owner’s/renter’s expense.


6.       Main walkways must be kept clear at all times.  Carts must be returned to the top of ramps immediately after use.


7.       Dock boxes shall be a commercial manufactured white marine grade fiberglass and shall be installed per Association specifications.  Dock boxes must be located in such a manner as not to block access to the walkways or fingers.


8.       Water hoses must be fitted with automatic shut-off nozzles and stored off the walkways.


9.       Power cords must be routed under the dock and must not touch the water.  Circuit breakers on power stations must be turned off before the cord is disconnected.


10.   Dock lines should be secured to the steel support structure below the docks.  Lines attached to the uprights should be tied less than six inches above the dock to prevent strain or damage to cross bracings.


11.   Dinghies, Boats, Personal Watercraft may not be stored on the banks surrounding the Marina.


12.   One primary and one secondary or auxiliary watercraft [i.e. dinghy, inflatable, paddle boat, jet ski] may be moored within the same slip.  At no time may a single [primary] or a combination of the primary and secondary craft, exceed specified length restrictions, infringe on any adjacent slip, or otherwise obstruct navigational access.


13.   Untreated waste must not be discharged in the Marina.


14.   No wake speed must be observed in all areas of the Marina.  Kentucky law dictates that “No Wake Speed” be observed in the Marina and within 100 feet of the Marina entrance.


15.   Fuel tanks must not be filled within the confines of the Marina.  External fuel containers must not be stored within the confines of the Marina with the exception of approved containers connected to outboard motors.


16.   Skates, skateboards, motor scooters, mini-bikes, and any other unlicensed motor vehicles are not permitted in the Marina.


17.   No fishing from the common areas or docks is permitted.  No fish cleaning is allowed on the docks.  No unattended fishing lines are permitted from the boats.


18.   No boat repairs or other maintenance allowed in the common areas.


19.   Work by outside labor or by owners/renters may be performed during daylight hours and then only if such work causes no dirt, noise, nuisance, or hazard.  Boat owners/renters are responsible to ensure that all hired labor is properly insured.  Owner/renters are fully responsible for any claims, damages, losses, and expenses arising from employment of outside labor, craftsman or by their own activities.  No spray painting is permitted.


20.   Any work or additions to marina equipment or docks must have the written approval from the Board prior to installation/construction.  Work or additions must be consistent with the current structure and must not alter/compromise the strength or integrity of the structure.


21.   No open fires permitted in Marina, except in designated areas.


22.   All pets must be kept leashed when not aboard the owner’s boat.  Owner is liable for any/all damages caused by a pet and are responsible for cleaning up after pets.


23.   Any accident or incident occurring in the Marina must be reported immediately to the Marina Management and proper authorities as appropriate and necessary.


24.   No littering on Marina premises.  Dumpster service is provided for Marina use only.  Wood, tires, batteries, containers of oil, or other hazardous/toxic material is not permitted in the dumpster.


25.   Owners are required to notify the Board of Directors and the Marina Manager of any changes in their address, phone, or boat descriptions.  Also if their slip is leased, the owner must provide the renter’s address, phone, boat description and lease expiration date.  Owners are responsible for providing renters with a copy of the Rules and Regulations.


26.   On an annual basis, all boat owners docked in the Marina must provide proof of liability insurance of no less than $300,000.   [transient/visiting boats are exempt]


27.   All power boats [required to be licensed/documented] must leave the Marina under their own power at least once per year.


28.   Weather covering/shrink wrap may be present on boats only during the Winter season.  Any extension beyond the Winter season must be requested in writing and approved by the Board.


29.   Boat length is limited by the restrictions in the original deed.  In the absence of a deed restriction, the following length restrictions generally apply:


A-Dock (North Side)

55’ L.O.A

A-Dock (South Side)

42’ L.O.A.


42’ L.O.A


36’ L.O.A


28’ L.O.A.


24’ L.O.A


[At the time the Association accepts this rule - 2005] boats exceeding specified deed restrictions are considered “grandfathered” until the sale of the boat or slip.  Grandfathering is not transferable to subsequent boats or slip owners.


30.   Disorderly, indecent, offensive or lewd conduct and behavior that might reasonably be expected to cause injury to life or damage to property is not permitted.  Owners, renters and guests and their watercraft are subject to expulsion and any other subsequent legal action as determined appropriate.